Friday, March 14, 2008

No More Bottles!

Well, it's official -- Ruby has now gone 5 days in a row without a single bottle.
Ruby was pretty much all on the sippy cup except for one bottle at night the past month and a half. Though I don't really see anything wrong with kids having a bottle well into their second year, I was hoping that we could get her off of it sooner rather than later. Her doctor said we should try to have her off of it by 15 months so I figured I'd give it a some point. I was kind of dragging my feet for many reasons - I loved the bottle snuggle time each night, it's EASY and I was worried about her getting enough to eat before bed. But the upside is that I am done with bottle washing and buying liners and all of that business. Yes!
At any rate, phasing out the bottles during the day was easy. We just stopped offering them to her. But, I was stumped as how to get that last one phased out. With some encouraging advice from some folks on my mama list, I said to Dustin, "Let's work on getting her off the bottle this month," thinking it'd take a few weeks or even a month. Our bedtime "routine" up to this point had been pretty fluid so I figured we'd need some time to establish something more routine-like.
Well, I had to work late both Monday and Tuesday, so in my head, I figured we'd just try it on Wednesday. Imagine my surprise when I got home on Monday and Dustin said he'd gotten her into bed without a bottle no problem! He just dimmed the lights, read a few stories to her, popped in the chupa chup and to bed she went. "Has to be a fluke," I thought. Well, the situation was the same the next night. Wednesday, I was sure that it wouldn't work for me -- that it was Dustin's magic touch. Again, no sweat and the routine repeated again the next night and tonight. I am having a hard time believing that it was really that easy.......... Anyway, a big ol' hurray to Dustin for just going for it! No fear!
So, now our bedtime "routine" consists of the following: Jammies, wash face, brush teeth, read some books (current favorites are Pat the Bunny, Funny Face, Bedtime for Bears and Richard Scarry's Mother Goose), I sing a little song, give her the chupa chup and then she's down. Takes about 20 minutes (longer depending on how much we are enjoying the books). The great thing is I don't really miss the nighttime bottle feeding because the book reading part is so fun.
I think that she wasn't that attached to the bottle so it was easier. I am certain that dumping the chupa chup is going to be a lot more difficult. Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!

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Misha said...

impressive! no bottles still feels like a world away for Blix... maybe we should just dive in too!