Saturday, March 29, 2008

Newsy Tidbits

So, Ruby is really really close to walking. She'll stand for long periods of time and if I am sitting right next to her, she'll take a couple of steps and fall into me. Another favorite trick is for when she practices her stage diving technique while on the bed. She'll stand and then literally throw herself down on the bed and laugh hysterically. Thankfully she seems to realize that she can't do this on the floor though she hasn't realized that she will fall off the bed so it requires strict supervision. Some other funny things: She will blow on her food if you tell her to. Amd of you tell her "Put your chupa chup in the crib," she'll take it out of her mouth and throw it in the crib. She really likes to imitate sounds that you make and she likes to say "Cat!" and then screech with excitement whenever the cats come anywhere near her. All of this is exciting to me because it's real live evidence that she understands us. SO fun! Her bedtime has thus far been smooth sailing. Sleep itself is a little rough going at times though. She's been waking up intermittently the past few nights -- one night it was a scream fest until we coated her gums with orajel -- but the teeth are showing themselves so only 2o+ more to go. Oy! She is also waking up at the ungodly hour of 4 or 5 am. I make feeble attempts to try to get her into bed again only to give up and just stick her in bed with me. This doesn't have the desired effect for me, which is more sleep. I remember fondly those cozy mornings with her snuggled up to me, all folded into a little ball...soft, cuddly, still. Those days are OVER. Now, she's wiggly and pushy and pokes me a million times. She's like Sputnick - all round and pointy in parts (to borrow a quote from one of my all time favorite movies). I sure miss those soft and snuggly days......... Yesterday we had a playdate in the morning, a lunch date at noon and then met up with the papa that afternoon and then we went to dinner. All told we left the house at 10 am and came home at 7:30 pm and let me tell you, this girl was a trooper! She didn't fuss, she didn't cry. She slept in her stroller for an hour while I was shopping and then charmed all the folks at the cell phone store and laughed and played and was just generally great. I was amazed at how well she did. In news about ME, I am, today, wearing a pair of pants that hasn't fit since about month 2 of pregnancy. Huzzah! More news and photos soon!

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