Friday, March 14, 2008

Finding a Voice

Well, Miss Ruby is now starting to really let us know what she thinks. Today, after she threw two cars across the room, I put them out of her reach. She responded by sticking out her lower lip and smacking my coffee cup. Hmmm..I think we may have a wee bit of a temper, no? And mad or not, she does love to throw things. I blame her dad who is secretly pleased and envisioning the next speed pitch softball olympian. As she's getting older and starting to assert herself and her personality is becoming stronger, I find that I am both delighted and befuddled. I think that watching a child grow and develop really brings to light a lot of the issues, hang-ups etc that I have and I am wanting to keep myself from inflicting her with any of them. And then I think that with all of my efforts, she'll probably just develop her own hang ups anyway so I should just relax and just do what I can do. I guess what I am saying is this whole experience is making me more self-aware. This is great but it's also kinda disturbing in some ways. Add that to the list of stuff they don't tell you when you are pregnant.

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