Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby Pterodactyl

Ruby got this cute hat for her birthday, made by Auntie Christine, and she got the llittle car for Christmas from her Tia Monica & Uncle Steve. Her feet now reach the ground so she can push herself around and she luuurves it. She especially likes to go FAST -- I took her outside and we rode around on the sidewalk. There's a part of the walkway that slopes downhill and she'll pick her feet up off the ground and laugh and laugh as she goes careening down the sidewalk (with me directly in front to keep her from getting away, of course) laughing her head off. Ruby is off at Aqua Tots with her pop which gives me a few moments of blogging time and a chance to drink my coffee without having to dodge little fingers, flying waffles or flung milk. I hardly know what to do with myself..... She's lately taken to these unholy shrieks when she wants to get our attention, leading me to believe that I actually birthed a pterodactyl, not a sweet little baby like I had thought. It's quite ear piercing and reminds me of my brother Harley. At around this age, he would emit the most blood curdling screeches at slightest provocation and it just makes you want to do whatever it is that they want as long as they will just stop...please...stop. If there was a way to harness this, domination would be mine! Mine! All Mine! Some of her new tricks include blowing on her food, "cheers"ing her sippy cup, drinking from a cup with a straw and she likes to try combing her hair whenever she gets a comb or brush in her hand. Her 5th tooth is also making an appearance which probably accounts for the past few restless nights. Yesterday, I met up with some lady friends (and the babes Elijah, Hudson & Ryder) and met at the mall where we got the tots' pictures taken with a scary scary Easter bunny (IMHO), though Ruby enjoyed it. Scarier still was the woman who was so wickedly upset by her photo that wouldn't lie flat but all in all and after a drink at the Rainforest Cafe to calm our nerves, we had a lovely time! The babies were all too cute and not at all scared of the crazy bunny. Good times abound!

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