Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Daddy

One of the things about my job is that I don't work regular "banker's" hours. I work 1-2 nights per week as well as every other Saturday and sometimes Sundays. Though this has its advantages and disadvantages -- i.e. it made breastfeeding and pumping a nightmare -- one of the hidden advantages is that Dustin gets a LOT of one-on-one Daddy Time without me around.

I didn't even think about it at the time, but I think it's been a really good thing for him to be able to be Ruby's dad without me around. He can do whatever he wants and be in charge without feeling like I am hovering (me? Do that? Never!) or questioning anything (like I'd do that!) and it also forced him to figure out all the stuff that goes into taking care of a baby for a day. He has a no-fear kind of attitude and just goes about his day with Ruby in tow and they have a lot of fun.

I love watching him with her and hearing about what they did when I come home. They go on adventures at Home Depot and the mechanic, off to buy M's tickets and putter about the house. And, of course, he takes lots of pictures of her both with and without props!

I know that he doesn't do everything exactly as I would do it but I think that's the whole point. Dustin getting to have that one-on-one time allows him to figure out his role and his parenting style. There is no one right or wrong way and as long as we agree on the important stuff everything else is just gravy. In short, Ruby's a lucky pants and so am I!

Here are some cutey photos of them playing outside:

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