Monday, February 25, 2008

What a Weekend!

So, we all three flew out to Boise on Thursday night. Thursday was Sweet Jack's first birthday and Amy and I canoodled to plan a little party to celebrate his and Ruby's birthdays.
We arrived and went to visit Grandma Genie's new house. It's deliciously close to the airport (no more 1 hour drives for us!) and really cute despite being in one of those subdivisions where all of the houses look pretty much the same so if you come home really drunk you are in danger of going to the wrong house.
We spent a lot of time at Amy's house on Friday afternoon, simply watching Ruby and Jack play together. It was so cute and they were so funny! At one point, Jack, who is walking, toddled into another room and I swear she said "Where's Jack?" while looking around the living room. She hasn't repeated it since but we'll see... He got a Cozy Coup for his birthday and Maria spent most of the day pushing Ruby around in it, much to her pleasure.

Saturday was the big party and was also a lot of fun! Ruby ate so much that day, I couldn't believe she was still putting away food. She loved loved the Spanish tortilla - that's my girl! Again, she went to town with the cupcake and both she and Jack were part of "No Crumb Left Behind" while eating their cakes.

TMI alert!

'Twas on Sunday morning that the real fun began though. At about 5 am on Sunday, I heard Ruby cough and then I heard the vomit. I leapt up (turns out, I have the insta-wake up for kid vomit too, not just cat vomit) and she was sitting up with a lake of yuck around her. We got her cleaned up but it was continuous every 20 minutes or so until about 9:30. Poor sad little monkey....she wouldn't eat or drink anything and everytime we got a little bit down, it came right back up.

A pukey child is much different than a pukey adult. When an adult barfs- be it your friend, significant other, or that guy who's friends with the band - yeah, sure, you empathize with them, but that's about as far as it goes other than maybe holding their hair back or offering to get them some towels. After that, it's step back, hope they don't get it all over their shoes and wait for it to be over. Never do you try to catch the vomit in your hand to prevent it from going all over the place or scoop them up to comfort them despite being drenched, as you would with a child. It's a whole different up close and personal. When they look at you with that sad face and liquid eyes, it just tears your heart out. Anyway, when she started eating again around 10 am and seeming chipper, I thought we were in the clear and was really happy since we were flying out that evening. She was really happy albeit not eating much the whole rest of the day. She befriended a little boy at the airport who drew her a picture of some kitties (way too cute!) and ogled the airplanes. We got on board, loaded her up in her seat and gave her a bottle. She drank it in about 5 minutes and then began to scream, just as we were making our ascent. I took her out of her seat, she continued to scream (yes, we were those people), threw up in my lap and promptly fell asleep. Let me tell you - you haven't lived until you've sat through a flight with pukey pants. Good times. She seemed better this morning but the vomiting has continued so here we are hoping she's better by tomorrow. Sigh. I'm not complaining too much as this is really the first time she's been really sick other than having a couple of bad colds so in that event, I am lucky. Still sucks though. Amy called and evidently Jack's been under the weather as well. Anyway, it was a lovely weekend in some respects and a bit nightmarish in others. I realized as I was relflecting on it that I spent so much time observing the kiddos that I didn't get to really talk to any of the adults much which makes me a rather boring person I think. Dang. Anyway, here's hoping all the kiddos are feeling better soon! Here are more pictures for you viewing pleasure.

with Auntie Jinny

Opening presents


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