Friday, February 15, 2008

Party Girl

Ruby is now 12.5 months old. It's funny counting a person's age in months but you really have to at this age. They develop so quickly that each month they are completely different than the one before. Much like we counted her age in weeks for a time, now it's months. I can't remember how that transition happened but I suspect that transitioning to the age in years will happen much the same way. I think it'll be a lot easier keeping track of years than months, that's for sure.
Ruby has started standing on her own. Just briefly and she usually looks delighted while doing it. The first time happened last week. Christine and I were on the floor with her when she suddenly went from a crouch to standing, her arms up in the air like she'd just done a back flip off the balance beam and a huge grin on her face. She did this for several seconds and then plopped back down on her bum and resumed playing. I was so shocked I could hardly react and then I couldn't stop laughing. It was almost like she was showing off.
Last weekend, we attended Marcos' birthday party - a baseball theme, our favorite! Ruby loved playing with Blix, Otto and Marcos and discovered that Otto, too, likes to toss a ball around. Here are some pics from that party. Good for me, I actually remembered to take out my camera!
Today we went over to Hank's house and had a little baby party (forgot my camera!). It is so much fun to get together with all of these mamas and let the kids play and compare notes. This is a good looking group of babies that I know! And I can't say enough about having a network of mama friends that I genuinely like! Now....if we can figure out a time when we can get away for a happy hour, I think we will all feel better! :-)

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Otto's Mommy said...

Lupine, It was sure nice to see you again. I second that happy hour business! Especially since Otto's had a fever for two days now. I need an outing.