Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Ruby had two little celebratory events for her birthday. The first was on her actual birthday with just Auntie Monica and her nanny, Magy, and her kids. We were also joined by Marcos who we were watching that evening. We had tacos and then cupcakes. Ruby was not too sure about the singing part but she lurved the cupcake quite a bit. I had to work that night so hadn't done much to prepare but when I got home, Magy had put up some cute 1st birthday decorations so it was really festive and fun! Plus, Ruby got a balloon and well, that was sooo exciting for her. She spent much time, pulling the balloon down, hand-over-hand, until she could grab it. After the cake, it was warp-speed baby -- she was wired!
Here's some cake eating:

Then, on Saturday, aunties Danielle and Kathy came over and we had some cake of my own making. Ruby was a tad more subdued this time around but enjoyed the cake and ice cream and got really excited when she saw the cake, which was funny.

Then, on Sunday, we went and celebrated Sweet Hank's birthday, which is only 4 days after Ruby's. We danced the hula, admired the balloons and marveled at how fast these little buzzards hit the one year mark. We were also stoked to see Sir Ryder who, at 5 months, weighs the same as Ruby. He's a heavy weight for sure!

The celebrating isn't over yet as we've got Marcos next week and Jack's in 2 more weeks. Wowee! We'd better rest up!

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Mrs. Swafford said...

Um...Mr. Ryder actually weighs more than Ruby. Scary! He was 18.12 pounds at his 4 month check up. I think at 5 months he's probably close to 20. He's a BEAST! But I love my lil' back breaker.