Sunday, January 27, 2008

What We've Been Doing

Well, we had a another whirlwind kind of week. Our dear friends Nick and Heather got married and we were lucky enough to be present at the big event. It was a small and intimate ceremony and we are really happy for them. Ruby was a dear through the whole thing....except when she was grabbing Scott's shoulder and pushing him out of the way. Ha ha!
Nick's two sisters, Courtenay & Adrienne, came up for the ceremony. Nick, Courtenay and Adrienne are three of my oldest and dearest friends. Their mom and my mom were BFF so I've known them for literally my whole life. C and A used to babysit Nick and me and apparently, we used to gross Courtenay out by sticking slime on our noses so it looked like boogers (ok, I still think that's funny). We had such fun chatting, laughing and looking at old photos. It struck me at one point how cool it was...we started out as this motley crüe of little kids, thrown together because of our parents' relationships and now here we are, grown ups (age-wise anyway- ha ha), with spouses and kids of our own. I love the continuity of relationships...that things are continuing on and I really hope that it continues throughout our generation as well. Also made me wonder about the children of my friends here....will Ruby one day be playing in a band with Hank? Taking a road trip with Watts? Attending Jack's wedding? Sharing an apartment with Cecilia? Going to concerts with Ryder? Hmmm...only time will tell...
In other news, Ruby's been really focusing on standing and has started climbing things. Oh dear oh dear. The trouble has now begun! She's gotten taller because she can now touch the ground when sitting on her little car and can push herself along. She is SO proud of herself!
Her one year doctor's appointment is this Friday and for that matter, her birthday is on Thursday. I cannot believe it! We have some little quiet type things planned but no big party. For those of you that know me well, I love party planning and tend to go overboard. I am saving my energies for when she'll really appreciate it. For this birthday, I am keeping it mellow for my own sanity. ha ha ha!

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