Saturday, January 5, 2008

Baby's First Christmas

I had a feeling that this was the case, but it's true -- kids make Christmas more fun! Ruby had a wonderful first least I am assuming she did. She didn't actually say one way or another but look at this face:

We started off with a little get together at our house the weekend before. Ruby stayed up waaaaay past her bedtime but just loved interacting with all the people. The wonderful lady who takes care of her, Magy, stopped by with her kids and and gave her this funny little frog girl that sings in English and Spanish. Hooray for bilingual things!

Christmas eve we spent with Uncle Steve and Auntie Monica (Tía Mónica) and their family. We had a delicious dinner and lots of yummy goodies. Ruby got an adorable little outfit and a plastic car that she can ride and push around. That was a big winner! She looooved it! It was a really lovely way to spend the holiday eve with good friends and lots of cheer. Christmas day was really really low key. We woke up and opened Ruby's presents, of which there were many. Lots of cute little clothes, books and a few toys. It was a perfect array, really. She, as I suspected, enjoyed the bows and wrapping paper more than anything. She did however greatly enjoy the Tickle-Me-Elmo from Uncle Jay if this photo is any indication. Grin. We spent some time on the phone talking with the Grandma & Papa back East and the numerous Idaho grandparetns and aunties, wishing them well. Ruby even got into the conversation a few times. Afterwords, Auntie Kathy and Shorty came over and we made a big ol' vegetarian paella and had bourbon pumpkin cheesecake. Delicious. Again, good company and food were in abundance. Our holiday fun continued with the arrival of Grandma Rita the next day and Uncle Harley that evening. This was the first time Ruby met Harley and now she's met pretty much all of the immediate family. We had a great time visiting and they had fun playing with Ruby. On Saturday, Grandma Genie arrived and the fun continued with shopping trips and of course, more delicious food. The absence of Grandpa Gary was noticible and we certainly missed him as he loved the holidays and it just wasn't quite the same without his unique combination of endless enthusiasm and curmudgenly comments. I think we all found ways to remember him in the spirit of the holiday and felt his presence in our own way. Now, our house is empty of guests and the decorations are put away but we are still basking in the love of all of our friends and family both near and far. Tender. Over all, a wonderful holiday.

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Otto's Mommy said...

Lupine, It sounds like you did it right and surrounded yourself with family and friends on the first Christmas without your father. I'm sure he was there in spirit watching over you and Ruby.