Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ack! What's New?

Oh jeez...I feel like I am still playing catch up from the holidays. Anyway, things have been mostly back to normal and we've been making strides in the sleep department so all's well. Ruby is growing and changing every day. I know she understands stuff and there are times when I can see her really concentrating on trying to say words. She understands that when you say "bye," you wave and when you say "hi" or "hola" you wave. She points and says something that could be "what's that?" or "jack" or "that looks enticing, take me over there and let me put it in my mouth." I haven't interpreted that one yet. She's got a tooth just barely ready to break the surface on her top gum. This is cool but I know it's going to change how she looks.....not that that's a bad thing. It's just weird...I look back at all of her new baby photos and her face has changed SO much. Thank god for the miracle of photography. I always think about how for centuries, people would watch their baby change before their eyes and have no way of looking back to remember what they used to look like. Then again, they were probably so tired from washing laundry in the creek and fighting off the plague, they didn't care....... At any rate, I was thinking about how there are more photos of Ruby in her first year than there are of me in my whole 36 (yes, that's 36) years, thanks to digital photography. Amazing. Another funny thing happened this past week. Ruby and I went to dinner to say goodbye to our dear friend Darlette who is moving away to Austin (sniff). While there, we were approached by the crazy Scottsman. Background: This past summer, while getting a coffee at the grocery store, we had our first encounter with the crazy Scottsman. He's a 50-something guy, silver teeth, necklace, low cut shirt, nice enough and a real character. He was gushing over Ruby, how beautiful she is etc and do I have other children. Well, no, she's it so far. "Well," he says, "You should start banging them out and have at least 10 more! She's too beautiful to have just one." And while I agreed, I felt he was being a little cavelier for someone who didn't have to do that actual "banging them out" part. At any rate, he was there at the restaurant and didn't remember us so we basically had the same conversation except this time he said I should have at least 3 or 4 more. So, he was at least a little more realistic this time. I wonder how many more times I am going to run into this guy though........ Well, that's the news for now. More photos and news SOON!

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