Monday, November 12, 2007

The Reign is Over

Our champion sleeper is no more. We have had two weeks straight of Ruby waking up at least once in the night and not wanting to go back to sleep. Part of it was due to her having the sniffles and not being able to breathe so we had some nights of me sleeping sitting on the couch so she was upright which meant she slept great and I did not. There were two nights of her being up every hour -(oh fond memories of when she slept all night) but now the sniffles are over and I can only explain her new sleeping pattern as being part of her going through some milestones, namely CRAWLING! Yes, this past Thursday evening (November 8th) she started crawling and now everthing at that level is fair game for our intrepid little explorer. My beloved Auntie Marie visited this weekend and we had such a lovely time and went on some great walks and Ruby enjoyed the extra attention at home. She started crawling and getting herself into a sitting position from her stomach the day Aunt Marie arrived -- I think she'd been saving it up so she could show off to someone besides us! Ha ha! In "Things You Never Knew Before You Had a Baby Around" news, I learned that calling a company whose automated message asks you to "Press or Say XXX" is IMPOSSIBLE with a squawky baby and when the lovely recorded voice said "I am sorry you cannot enter the information correctly. Please try again another time when you have looked over your information," and then disconnected, I nearly had a psychotic break. I definitely got my hate back today. I could go on and on about how much I hate those phone menus............ Anyway, in nice news, our neighbors had a beautiful baby boy on Saturday so congrats to them! Also, our thoughts are with Auntie Snax today! We love you! xoxox

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