Wednesday, October 17, 2007


There's not an awful lot of stuff going on in general but Ruby's changing like mad! My mom just left and we do miss having grandma around! But now it's back to the daily grind.
Ruby is increasingly interested in pulling herself up onto things and trying to grab whatever happens to be within reach. Crawling hasn't happened yet but she will scoot herself around in a circle and backwards, so she is going places! All of this activity means sleep has become a bit sketchy. The night before last, she slept great. Last night, she was up 4 times before I gave up and just put her in bed with us. However, I have had some modest success with getting her to go to sleep on her own with minimal crying. Well....she cried for 25 minutes one night (which seemed like 25 hours to me) before succumbing to the sandman. Not too bad from what I have heard from other parents.
This weekend we went to the 1st birthday get together of our little pal, Ceci. What fun to see how much she has changed in the last year! Ruby had a BALL playing with Ceci's toys and with the other kids. Here she is in her new "earrings" - ha ha!
In the news of the furbabies, our youngest one has decided she needs more attention and since she can't dye her hair or date a completely inappropriate boy, she's pooping on the floor. I guess this is preparing me for a teenager (and I think in cat years she IS a teenager) but it sure is annoying. Clearly, I need to spread the love a little more.


Baby Mama said...

Herbie ate a half box of All-Bran cereal in protest of a lack of attention and I am sitting here waiting to see what happens...

librarymeow said...

Yeah..the original babies are starting to feel the pinch. Poor things!