Sunday, September 2, 2007


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Los padres de Marcos Gabriel said...

What a ham Ruby is:) I see a performer in our midst! Sorry I missed the bbq and meeting the fam:( My mom came up that Saturday and we went to lunch and just hung out. I wanted to hang out with her. Any time I get with my mom these days I find very precious. She's not much of a social gal so I know if I had said lets go to my friends bbq she would have declined and said she'd watch Marcos...which wouldn't have been the point. Nonetheless, we had a nice day and it sounds like you guys did too!:) Nice on the milk supply!!! We don't give Marcos formula when I'm around. And we've been able to store up enough so that when I am in China Miguel can give him a bottle of bm in the morning and before bed. He'll have formula at day care which he starts next week. Oh, and we got into the Starbucks day care starting 10/15.