Thursday, September 27, 2007

Holy Big Fat Baby, Batman!

I saw this article about a 17lb baby that was born in Siberia. To put that into perspective, Ruby is barely that big at 8 months! I am sure that the woman is grateful for C-Sections!Phew!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ruby Takes No Guff

Just a quick funny story: Last weekend we went to the wedding of a friend. It was a lovely affair the bride was gorgeous, the groom dashing and the company fun. There were several babies there, in particular a baby boy of 6 months and 16 pounds -- just a little more than what our dear Ruby weighs. I had gone over to talk to the mom and see how her little one was doing since I hadn't seen him since he was just a few weeks old. He was in his car seat and I set Ruby next to him so they could see each other. Ruby let out an excited squawk and he startled and began to scream. I felt bad that he was scared but (not so) secretly thought it was hilarious. That's my girl!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Finger Foods

Ruby has started finger foods....she's getting good at picking up the cheerios but doesn't know to let go once she gets it into her mouth. It's a lot of fun to watch which makes up for all of the sweeping!

More Grandma Visits

Ruby has been having all kinds of good times this past weekend. Not only did she get to see her Grandma Genie again, but Great-Grandma Bette came to meet her aaaallll the way from the East Coast. It was great fun to introduce Ruby to this dear relative and Grandma Bette taught her all kinds of new songs and stories. We kept it pretty low key --- though we managed to fit in a trip to the market and a parade. Mostly, we just hung out and told stories, caught each other up on the family happenings and ate lots and lots of delicious meals. As you can see, Ruby was tickled pink to meet her Grandma Bette!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where to begin...

Well, my posts have been lacking lately, mostly because we were all sick last week and then we had visitors so I wasn't able to sit down and do anything. However, we are well, we had a wonderful visit (more on that later) and now it's back to business. Ruby got herself a bit of a sniffle and consequently, my good little sleeper became a really bad sleeper. We were up several times in the night...mostly because her nose would get stuffed up and she couldn't breathe. So, it was a lot of getting up, rocking, suctioning and then back to bed. Then I got sick. Let me tell you, having kids takes all the fun out of being sick. But we have all recovered and are feeling much much better. Ruby is really using her voice more and more and gets so excited about things. She's discovered the cats and smiles and talks to them especially when she sees that Sparrow has jumped up on the bookshelf. Last night, after putting her to bed, I went up to check on her and Sparrow was cozily curled up at her feet. First I said, "Oh! How sweet!" then I kicked her (the cat) out of the crib. Anyway, she's just getting bigger every second and, as you can see from the photo, this hat form Auntie Carol now almost fits!

Baby Likes Rock Show

Ok, this is a picture of Ruby in her get-up so that she could see her dad play the drums at Bumbershoot. We took a tip from another mom and used a bandana to hold her earplugs in. She seemed to enjoy herself! Yah! Baby rock!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

And the hunt goes on....

Well, my hunt for daycare has yet to yield any satisfying results. I have interviewed several places and it's been discouraging to say the least. I talked to one woman yesterday that I really liked -- immediately, I got the warm fuzzies and knew she'd be good. Unfortunately, I can't afford her because she doesn't do part-time care. The second person I interviewed, scheduling and price weren't an issue. But her daycare was cluttery (junky), the yard unkempt and even though she knew I was coming 2 days in advance, hadn't bothered to print out her handbook. Earlier in the week I made an appointment with a place and when I arrived she wasn't there. All I can say with these last two is that if this is what happens when they are trying to sell themselves, what will happen when we are enrolled? NOT that that will happen but I just don't understand the mindset here. And I won't even go into the people who I've called that answer the phone with a grunt, don't have any idea how many kids they can take and are just plain rude. Sigh....makes me appreciate Ruby's current caregiver even more. I am trying to remain hopeful but am feeling more and more discouraged by the minute. Afterall, I think people should be lining up to pay ME to take care of Miss Ruby! Ha ha! In other news, Ruby had a little playdate with her pal Otto yesterday as I had an appointment in the afternoon. She helped Otto's mama bake a pie, played with his toys and barfed on his blanket. She seemed really intent on telling him stories and it was fun to watch the two of them interact. No teeth for her yet but she's been really drooly today. Might they be coming through? There's not much else to tell. I am just trying to stay positive though it's getting harder and harder. Today I am pretty much feeling just generally annoyed and unsatisfied but I think it's a result of the culmination of the events of this past summer and the current stresses of not having a safe place for my little peanut nailed down. At any rate, the general day to day stuff is just feeling like a little too much. I think that this means I need to chill this evening, enjoy my baby and watch something trashy on TV. More soon........

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lost Dog

So the mama and papa of our new pal Ryder have lost their sweet dog. He was at a friend's home in Ballard while Ryder was being born and escaped Sunday morning. Please be on the lookout for him! For more info go to monkeypiewrench. Let's find Al! UPDATE!: Al has been found! Hurray!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


A week of visits and funny stuff

Well, we just finished up with a lovely visit from Dustin's parents who came all the way from the East Coast to visit Ruby for the first time. She greatly enjoyed meeting Papa & Grandma Miller. She also enjoyed all of the fun outings with them and her dad while they were here. These included a trip to Pike Place Market, a Mariner's game (where they began their now 9 game losing streak) and a visit to the Museum of Flight which was way cool. Papa Norm was the official stroller driver and kept her moving on our travels and I really think she misses all of those cuddles from Grandma. Good thing we will be seeing them again in just a few months! Ruby's ability to get things into her mouth is growing and we now have to be extra careful about what we give her and what she can reach. Anything within range of her chubby little hands is fair game so it's a fun trick trying to stay ahead of her. She's quick! She's not had any forumula other than that one time since I have been off work for some extra days so we haven't needed to use it. I am sure she's going to be having some this week though as I don't have much milk saved up for Tuesday yet. However, I had to go buy a brand new can of the stuff because my cat is a scavenger. Sparrow somehow pried the lid off of the can of formula, picked up the scoop, carried it underneath the kitchen table and managed to get formula all over the table and the floor in the dining room. I am normally pretty relaxed about the cats getting into stuff but this is a little too much. I just don't think I can give Ruby formula that I know the cat dug through with her little snout. Oh I just know that cat wishes she had thumbs! Ruby also had her first pedicure today! Kathy and I went to our favorite little nail place and brought Ruby along with us. While our nails were drying, the owner of the place whipped out her clippers and clipped her toenails. Superstar! Well, it's back to the grind on Tuesday and then next week, we get a visit from Grandma Genie and Great-Grandma Bette! This is going to be a real treat!

Welcome Ryder!

And another Ruby pal is born! Ryder Jack was born this morning at 12:17am -- a beautiful and healthy 8lbs 3 oz. Congratulations Brandy and Dave!! Ruby looks forward to many a playdate with Ryder. Cheers!