Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Musings on the PBJ

As I was making myself a peanut butter & jelly sandwich this morning, I was thinking about how when my mom makes them, they taste SO much better. Then I thought about how Ruby will one day think that the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches I make will taste so much better than when she makes them. Which makes me think that PBJ's have just been going down in quality through the years...and then I thought, "Damn. How good was that very first PBJ!??" Can you tell it's been a long week?


Snax said...

I totally agree with you! But, I was thinking recently that maybe the PBJ is better if *anyone* but you makes it... For example, the Biscuit has started making me PBJ and they are WAY better than my own (maybe not as good as my mom's, but still).

Baby Mama said...

I'm going to make a PB & J right now. This reminds me of that scene in St. Elmo's Fire where the rich girl talks about how eating a PB&J in her first apartment was the best she ever had. Can you tell I am watching lots of old bad TV right now?
The question is: grape jelly or blackberry today?

librarymeow said...

Good point Snax. I hadn't thought of it that way... Maybe there is something magical that happens when you are making something for someone else. Ooh! Ooh! Just like they say in all of those tv shows at Christmas!