Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fun Ruby Tricks

Well, I think Ruby's got a new trick on the horizon. When put on her stomach, she has taken to lifting herself waaaaay up on her arms and then kicking and flinging her legs....methinks crawling may be in the near future. I am both looking forward to this milestone and dreading it. Guess it's time to start putting all of that baby-proofing junk in.... Another new thing is that she is an eating MACHINE lately. She has always been a good little eater but just in the past week or so, she's taken it to a whole new level -- polishing off whole jars of carrots and every single bottle I send with her to daycare and still wanting more. This wouldn't be much of an issue if I could just feed her myself but I can see that keeping up with this demand is going to be impossible if I have to provide that much milk each day in a bottle. But it's wonderful to see those pudgy little legs grow! Her motor skills are getting better every day. She can hold her own bottle now (not that I get to witness this) and everything goes directly into her mouth. On Friday, while feeding her, she would take two bites, shove her thumb in her mouth for a couple of sucks (what I have dubbed the "thumb chaser") and then back for more bites. It made feeding go somewhat slow but the cute factor totally made up for it. Other than prepping for the visit of Papa & Grandma Miller, we are enjoying this lovely summer day in the NorthWest -- rainy and in the high 60's. This is my favorite kind of day....unless I am having a bbq.

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