Friday, August 24, 2007

Formula Feedings

Well, it's come down to it. Our little monkey is on a feeding frenzy to rival all feeding frenzies. She has gone through every last bit of frozen milk we had stockpiled and despite my best efforts, I haven't been able to get 16 ounces a day to send with her to daycare (which she goes through in addition to her large jar of food). The most I can get out is about 5-6 oz during the day and then about 5 oz in the morning. So, two days ago, she had her first foray into the world of formula. I hear she didn't find it half bad. She took a few chugs, paused looked around and sucked the rest down. Further proof that she is indeed my child as she, so far, will eat just about anything. The mustard test will come later....I think her Aunties Kathy and Danielle will be responsible for that venture though as we have a "No Mootard" rule at our house. Anyway, logically I know that forumula is just fine and as long as she has enough to eat that's what counts, there's nothing wrong with it, she's still breastfeeding, lots of babies have only forumula and lived to tell and they had wonderful mothers...etc etc etc. It'll just take me a few days to work through my own emotional reaction to it. But I'll get over's all good.


Los padres de Marcos Gabriel said...

Lupine, Lupine, Lupine...I hear you. At least your reason is due to the amount Ruby takes in. We started Marcos on formula 2 weeks ago to make sure he doesn't have reactions to any when I go to China for work. Not sure I could have kept up with his 18-20 oz per day needs...I still battle with it each day...but its getting easier...except when he's breast feeding, sees anything resembling a bottle and goes for it like he's starving...more proof he's a RAMOS!

Misha said...

First off, ADORABLE picture of Ruby. Secondly, having recently had to accept that we had to supplement, I totally know what you're going through. I felt such a rush of pride those first 6 months knowing that I helped make every ounce on his body. Now it's almost 50/50 which feels weird. I feel this enormous mom-guilt. But you know, digestively it's a better time for them to do formula, and we're still giving them our best everyday. We rock for sticking it out this far.