Sunday, July 15, 2007

Whew...catching our breath...

It's been a crrrazy couple of weeks.... We went off to Idaho to visit the grandparents, cousins, pals etc. Unfortunately, when we got there, we found out that grandpa (my dad) had gotten really sick the night before and was in the ICU. So, our quick pleasure trip turned into a longer trip full of visits to the hospital and hanging out in the waiting room and ICU. Fortunately, grandpa is a very strong man who has many many people that love him and he was able to get through it. He's still in the hospital but hoping to get out fairly soon. But, was a little (lot) scary there for a bit. Ruby didn't get to visit with grandpa on this trip since they don't let little munchkins in the ICU which was sad for grandpa and for her. However, we will be back so she can show Grandpa all of her cool tricks!
Though this was a huge bummer and mighty stressful for all, there were some really nice spots and points where we just realized how lucky we are. No matter, we were always surrounded by wonderful and supportive people and even shared some laughs. It always amazes me just how many truly awesome people I know........... My mom came down, my step-mom was there, Amy's mom and then there were friends of theirs who we've known most or all of our lives. Also, two women, Courtenay and Adrienne -- they used to babysit me and now have adorable little munchkins of their own. It was a crazy full-circle kind of thing. When I was little Adrienne used to give me all of her hand-me-downs -- I remember being so excited in the 2nd grade when she gave me a shirt with one of those iron on pictures of a horse (you know..from "T-shirts Plus") and a pair of gauchos...HOT! (it was the 70's people!) Well, she gave me another box of hand-me-downs but this time it was kid clothes and diapers. SWEET!! Anyway, like I say, it was so nice and comforting to be around all of these people that I've known forever and who are my extended family. I really truly believe that my dad pulled through because of the immense amount of positive energy that was put forth during those days by so many people and that's saying something from a cynic like me.
It was super bloody hot there - 103 degrees at one point so we tried to stay in the air conditioning as much as possible. Ruby is not a fan of extreme heat and had a hard time with it. Mostly she would just scream in her car seat until we got inside and then she was fine. Poor monkey!
We stayed with Aunties Marie and Lori and it was great fun to see them! Plus there were many playdates with Jack and aunties, grandmas and cousins galore and Ruby saw many new faces...and she rocked them all (to quote Bon Jovi). Amy's birthday was that weekend too (Happy Birthday!) so it was fun to spend it with her for the first time in many years. And we got SO many great shots of the two little buzzards together. Turns out we make cute babies, Amy and I! Here's yet another..... I think my Ruby may be a bit bossy from the looks of this picture. Jack's not going anywhere if she has anything to do with it. And here are the ducky outfits...
Well, there's more coming but thought I'd at least catch up a little. Cheers!

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