Sunday, July 29, 2007

6 months

Well, as we try to adjust to this new world with no daddy and no grandpa, Ruby continues to bring us joy and awe (much much better than 'shock and awe' don't you think?). She's nearing her 6 month birthday and has become so much more verbal in the past couple of weeks. Though she's not seeming all that interested in rolling over (been there, done that) she did learn to sit up. One day she couldn't and then while playing with Jack, boom, she's sitting up. This means several things...she can use a high chair now, she's ready for food and we can plop her down on a blanket outside to play. Fantastic! Ruby was a star all weekend when in Idaho....going from person to person with nary a peep and smiling away. She had a TON of fun playing with Jack and even got to meet her Grandpa Jack. Yay! Jack is a superstar roller going from his back to his belly (wow!) and is full of smiles. Dustin, who had never met little Jack, was smitten with the (not-so) little guy right away.
Ruby also did a little wading at the swimming hole and hung out with all of her aunties. It was an incredibly exhausting weekend and though the reason for it was sad we did get to share the love with many amazing and wonderful people. The outpouring of support from so many people lifted our spirits and reinforced our notion that our daddy was a pretty amazing guy.

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