Tuesday, July 3, 2007

5 Months

Well, Miss Ruby turned 5 months this week and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter IMHO! She had a pretty exciting week to mark her 5 Month-aversary. She went on her first field trip with daycare last Tuesday. They all went to the Seattle Aquarium and her teacher said she was fascinated by the fish on the ceiling and had to carry her around flat on her back because she was craning her neck so. That same day, we went to Safeco for the Boston vs Mariners game. Needless to say, she was exhausted by the time we got home and slept for 10 hours. Since we have some split loyalties with this match-up, we comprimised and had her in her anti-Yankees t-shirt - smile.
On Friday, we went over to the UW and she met my old advising pal, Clay and then saw the crew in Space Grant. As an added bonus she got to meet Miss Aine. She was so sweet and just like holding a penny. It's so hard to believe that Ruby was ever that tiny!
Ruby is doing new things every day. She's really into playing with her toes these days and has started grabbing them and trying to get them into her mouth. Speaking of, I can tell when she's interested in something because her mouth opens really wide....if it gets close to her it goes right in her mouth! Her favorites are still banana man and her ladybug book. She enjoys looking at books a lot (thank goodness!) and her name is now on the "wall of fame" at the library for finishing her ten books for summer reading. Yay!
She's still pukey....does it really stop at 6 months? Please??? Today she outdid herself yet again. I was feeding her, she stopped eating, looked up at me and projected it right onto my face. Good times. I could do nothing but laugh........
Later this week we are heading off to Idaho to visit the Grandparents. Amy and Jack will be there so that's going to be great fun to get the two babes back together. Plus she'll get to meet her cousins, Estelle and Sienna, who will be coming back to stay with us for a while. A full house, yes but lots of fun too! More soon....

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Instant said...

That was "Moon"'s first ballgame on that Tuesday -- she learned her second curse word when a fan ran past a Boston section to yell, "Red Sox Suck!" She looked at me with worried eyes and said, "Oh no! Red Sox Suck!"

Just a heads up for the potential future of Ruby's Ball Game experience. We had a great time, and hope you did too.