Friday, June 8, 2007

Busy Days

It's been a busy couple of weeks..not sure where the time has gone. At any rate, things are going reasonably well. We've had some little issues with Ruby going on what has been called a "nursing strike" by some. Not sure if it's teething, bottle preference or if she's just feeling crabby. It seems to be abating for the moment but it's had its moments of frustration here at the Miller home. Adjusting to working and mommying is going well though pumping at work is still a big challenge. Not one that I see as anything but something to just live with at this point. It is odd to me that in 2007, this is still not seen as a major issue or priority for working moms...especially considering how progressive the place where I work is. I understand that it isn't feasible to install actual nursing rooms at each location but is it too much to ask to not have to do it in the bathroom? Seriously. I often find myself feeling quite bitter about it and I am not sure if it stems from me just feeling overwhelmed with the whole prospect or if I am just being a big complainer. I mean, plenty of other women have had to do this and everyone survived. Oh well...on we go. Lucky for me, my boss is super suportive and I'm surrounded by very supportive folks so on that end, I am better off than many. Ruby has now completely transitioned to her crib and seldom uses the swaddle. We've even moved the basket out of our room. makes me more than a little sad to tell you the truth though I am happy to have more space on my side of the bed. She's figuring out the thumb though instead of making a fist while she sucks it, she has her hand plastered all over the side of her face, including one finger in her eye. It's rather comical to see and I hope to get a photo of it soon. She's doing great at her daycare and everyone loves her there (duh). When we get there, she gives a big huge grin to both of the teachers and the kids always come over to say hi to "baby ruby" -- too cute! It's a gorgeous day here and we're puttering about the house while Dustin creates a walkway in our side yard. He's working so hard and the yard looks better than it ever has. I'll have to post a picture when it's complete. Well, that's the news from Casa Miller! Cheers!

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