Thursday, May 24, 2007


So, yesterday, Ruby was just not in a good mood. She didn't really cry the whole time, just a lot of unhappy sounds. Plus, she simply would not eat. Everytime I'd sit her down to feed her she'd take a couple sucks and then scream and yell and flop her body all around. Both mom and my friend, Nicole thought that teething might be the culprit. So, I tried baby orajel. I tried a frozen washcloth. And I tried baby Tylenol. She calmed down a bit but still wouldn't eat. Finally, at around 8pm, Mom gave her a bottle and she guzzled it down and then another. She was starved but I guess it hurt her gums to nurse and the easier flow of the bottle didn't. SAD!!!! So, I pumped and am hoping for the best. Today she seemed fine but from what I hear, this is going to be an ongoing thing. Psycologically, I am simply not ready for her to have teeth but I guess that's too damn bad for me! It's too fast! Slow down baby! What's next, boyfriends? College? Backpacking through Europe? I need time Ruby! Mom and I went out one afternoon last week and poor Ruby got tuckered out. Here's a picture - my poor little monkey!

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Laura said...

She kind of has a Sienna sort of face in this picture!