Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Perspective

So, when you have a baby (or kids for that matter), you begin to view the world from a whole different angle. When you are home, where you once might have been aghast at wearing a shirt you wore the day before, now it's "Well, this one doesn't have as much spit up on it and that pee spot is dried so no one will know...." When you are out, you plan your strategy not by where you want to go first or what's closest but by where you want to be when it's time to nurse or change a diaper and which places have the nicest bathrooms. You also know where every bathroom is within a mile (this started with pregnancy). I discovered that Babys-R-Us has a delightful "Mother's Room" with soft lighting, rocking chairs, comfy couches and changing tables. I am, as a rule, not a huge fan of BRU but I like their attention to these details and it did give me a little soft spot in my heart for them. Then again, I would expect no less of a place that wants parents to spend large amounts of money on lots and lots of crap, most of which you don't need. You also tend to gravitate towards places that are welcoming to the sight of one or more babies coming into their place of business. I swear, some places you can see the fear in their eyes when a group of us has walked in. Some of the places that have been especially great are Capers in West Seattle, Elliot Bay Brewery, Stellar Pizza, the afore mentioned Chocolati and Sugar Rush (also in W Seattle). I am sure there are many more! I hate to be so focussed on "what's a great place to take a baby" but when you pretty much have to take your baby anywhere in order to actually talk to any grown-ups it's so nice to walk into a place and the staff/owners are happy to have you and it's not Chuck E. Cheese or The Rainforest Cafe. Of course, it helps that whenever my group goes anywhere with our large group of babies, our babies are so adorable and well behaved that people can't help but be impressed. Yah! Does anyone else have any other suggestions for great places in Seattle to take a baby/child for a bite and some grown up interaction?


Instant said...

When Ms. Ruby gets a bit older, Tutta Bella in Columbia City. They will give her pizza dough to play with if she needs much distracting, and have other things for kids to play with. Plus Gelato. Everything is better with Gelato.

Misha said...

No truer words were spoken! Still discovering baby-friendly places myself. There's Vios is Capitol Hill, of course.