Friday, May 18, 2007

Baseball Fever

Ruby went to her first M's game this week with me, my mom, Rose and her daughter Ann for a mother-daughter outing. Ann got the tickets through work and they were good ones! I was a little worried that a foul ball would knock her in the head but none came our way. The M's lost but it was a fun game nonetheless and Ruby was a champ. She's even got the gear! Today was spent with some of my mommy pals who came over to make books for our babies. About 6 people and their babes came and we spent most of the time gabbing and ogling our babies. It was a fun little get together and I hope that we can have more in the future. Ruby spent her first full night in her crib. She did was a little harder for me. After all, it is the first time she's been so far away from me during the night EVER. So, I confess that I got up several times and went and checked on her in the night. She's nearly outgrown her basket and the night before last, she was so noisy sucking on her fingers, I couldn't stand it. Speaking of, Ruby has really discovered her hands. She pops them in her mouth and energetically sucks them. Though her thumb hasn't yet unfolded, she is starting to grab things and I think it's only a matter of time before she's putting anything and everything in her mouth. Her head control is better and better too. I can't believe that she's going to be four months old next week! Yesterday, she spent playing with Grandma Genie and Auntie Rose, looking at the flowers in the arboretum. She's been well taken care of by Grandma and I think she'll be sorry when she's gone home. I know I will be!

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Los padres de Marcos Gabriel said...

Lupine! I feel ya...I put Marcos in his crib for the night for the first time on Saturday night. I put him down, walked away, got into my bed, curled up and cried like a baby!!!! I didn't know what was wrong with me...Miguel said its because I love him so and he can't wait to see what I do when he goes to college! I miss you gals too. I'm hoping to go to Next Months tomorrow. By the way, Marcos' record in the crib is only 3 hours. After he wakes in the night I take him to bed to breastfeed. But I told Miguel we should start giving him a bottle and then putting him back in the crib. Oh, I need a mom outing. I'm hoping to get a bed time ritual down before I go back to work.