Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Outings

We've been going on lots of outings on Thursdays. This week a big group of us met in West Seattle at Capers. There were 13 of us - that's a lot of babies! The folks at Capers are super nice and accommodating to our group. Plus they make a delicious sandwich! It was great to hang out with the moms and get to know some new people. After lunch, a couple of us went for a little walk and then ended up at Sugar Rush where we had delicious cupcakes. Mmmm...I love a cupcake!! I took a picture of Ruby there in her Woobee bib and cute kitty hat from Janis. Meow!! I start work in 8 days....I am really going to miss our Thursday outings. And our Monday outings..and our Tuesday outings. Dang. Well, I hope that we can have some get togethers on Fridays still! Ruby is chewing on her hand a lot now and some awesome head control. It's still a little wobbly to be sure but she can be propped up pretty good. On Monday, while she was having her tummy time, she rolled over 3 times in a row! I haven't been able to replicate it since but still...that's a new skill! She's also gotten really chatty and she'll sit and smile and coo at you and you can hardly tear yourself away. Well, she's fussing now and I am hungry so perhaps I'll see if I can calm her down and make something to eat.....


Misha said...

Ruby was totally rocking that bib at Capers.

Karen said...

That's a HOT outfit!

Karen (& Wilder)