Friday, April 6, 2007

Ruby's Got Game

Ruby is changing so much every moment. I know I keep saying that but it keeps being true! She is holding her head up more and more and I can tell she sees a lot more now. Yesterday Dustin noted that she had started noticing her hands. I saw her waving her hands about and her eyes tracking each movement and then...she popped her fist in her mouth. Yay! She is starting to really enjoy books and was all agog when Dustin was reading her "Hop on Pop" a gift from Marilyn. Of course, she is smitten with her daddy so it's no surprise :-)
Yesterday we met up with some of our baby friends at Capers in West Seattle. Aside from having a yummy tuna fish sandwich, we had some great conversation sharing experiences and oohing and aahhing over each other's babies. All in all it was 6 moms and babies with all of our gear -- people kept coming over saying "We heard there was a gaggle of babies over here!" After our leisurely lunch, we took a picture of all the under 10 week olds. Turns out it was Ruby and her 4 boyfriends. Go girl! From left to right it's Marcos, Liam, Hank, Ruby and Blix. How cute is that? And no one barfed on the $3000 couch!
Stay tuned for more adventures!

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