Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mother of Inventions Part II

Well, what do you know? My friend Heidi alerted me to the fact that one of my wish list items DOES indeed exist! Apparently, others have had the idea of a car seat with wheels. Ok, then....here's my other wish list item that was brought up when we were out on a stroll and one of the babes decided he was hungry and there wasn't a bench to be had (props to Misha and Wanda for this one - whoever invents it needs to pay off their houses with the millions): A stroller that when you turn it over, has a seat that you can use for nursing. Anyone out there ready to get started on this project??? Update: It appears that I am indeed a genius but only if I went back in time. My pregnant lady suspenders have already been invented! Thanks Brandy! Well I say -- all you pregnant ladies out there can benefit from my friends discovering that these things are already invented. YaH!


zebragirl said...

Actually, it sort of already has been invented-sorry! I saw a woman at Point Defiance with a Peg Perrego (sp?) stoller and it had a pop-off stool and fold down table! cool!

librarymeow said...

Now why didn't I find any of this before I had a baby?? I guess I didn't know I needed it yet... Thank god people are out there who can take an idea and run with it!