Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First Easter

It was Ruby's first Easter so she's in one of her finest outfits that her Auntie Amy bought her and enjoying her first chocolate bunny that her mom will happily eat all the while wondering why her pre-pregnancy pants just won't fit yet. Ruby did not get to hunt for anything nor did she get any candy -- that's for next year. What she did do is make the rounds of all the Easter guests, charming them with her smile and leaving little pukey surprises on their shirts for them to discover later. Funny bunny!
This week we went to the lapsit storytime at the central library. This storytime is for babies only and she got to see her friends Hank and Blix. We had a lot of fun learning some songs and reading books from Betsy the Librarian. Ruby seemed to enjoy it and has broken out into a huge grin when I start singing the Dancing Fingers song ever since.
We were going to go to Spanish playgroup this week too but Ruby dear has come down with a little bit of a cold. Just a stuffy nose but it was no fun for her snuffling all night so we decided to take it easy. Unfortunately, this means that mom is going a little stir crazy but we should be out and about tomorrow or the next day.
Ruby is getting so big! Look how she can hold her head up! She gets pretty tired after a few minutes holding that big melon on her little tiny neck but she's got a lot more control and loves to look around. She really likes the "Funny Faces" board book so we've been reading that one a lot. It has a mirror in the back and she looooves to look at that.
Well, she's done with the mobile now so it's snuggle time! More to come.....

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