Friday, April 6, 2007

Boise Babes

So this last weekend, Ruby took her first airplane ride when we went to Boise. My friend of 27 years, Amy, had her baby Jack exactly 3 weeks after Ruby. Couldn't have planned it better if we tried! So, it was time to meet Jack and have Ruby meet her Auntie Amy, Uncle Bruce, cousin Maria and Grandma Grace. It was so much fun to sit and compare experiences and just gawk at the babies. We took tons of pictures, including this one, where they both just look amazed. Jack is an extremely cute little guy (or should I say big guy?) with a strong personality and head full of hair and I was smitten right away. Seeing the babies together was just too cool. I hope they will become good friends! Ruby got to meet a lot of other people while in Boise - Jinny, Jeannie and Marilyn. It occurred to me as I was thinking about all of the women I know that Jack and Ruby are incredibly lucky babies. There is such a wealth of really awesome, intelligent, funny and strong women in their lives already between Grandmas and aunties-- they can't help but draw on that postive energy and love. I know, "goo" but it's true!!! Ruby also got to see Grandma Genie again and charmed the pants of Grandpa Dave which was really sweet. She had her head licked by more than one dog and barfed on Amy's brand new couch. The airplane ride was totally fine both ways -- she slept and ate the whole time. Of course, everyone on the plane just thought she was the cutest :-) It was just an amazing trip in so many ways...

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