Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ruby Goes to the Movies

Ruby saw her first movie! We met our friends Sarah & Cecilia (4 months) and went to see one of the Mommy Movies that they have especially for moms at a theater in Bellevue. It was us and about 6 other ladies with babies. Ruby's first movie was "Bridge to Terabithia" based on the book by Katherine Paterson. Ruby snacked and slept through the whole thing. Anyway, if you loved the book, you will enjoy the movie -- it was very true to the book and the child actors were great and not at all obnoxious (no Dakota Fanning or Haley Joel Osment creepy types). In fact, the little one that played Maybelle reminded me a lot of Sienna... If you haven't read the book, read it first and then go to the movie. That way you'll be prepared with your tissues - it's a tearjerker! Poor Ruby had a tear-sopped head by the end of it. She just found out her mom is a sap! After the movie, we had lunch, walked around the mall for a bit, had a coffee and a cookie and then headed home. We made a pit stop at my library for a few minutes which was fun but weird because it's all new people! Crazy! After that, the girl was SO tired. She slept for 6 hours and then another 5 before I had to wake her up to eat. It was a big day but lots of fun!

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Baby Mama & Baby Daddy said...

Everyone knows you LOVE the movies Lupine. HA HA