Monday, March 12, 2007

Mount Ruby

This baby is a puker -- she spits up all the time. Spit up eruptions can happen at any time - right after feeding, during feeding, hours after feeding...she'll spit up on her back, on her side, sitting up, on her belly, with the pacifier in, with it out..... My mom tells me I was the same way so I have resigned myself to the fact that she'll be this way for the next four and half months and am just trying to appreciate her mad skillz of being able to dodge the bib and burp rag (no matter how strategically placed) and get my shirt, pants, pillow or whatever cloth object is around. Not to mention the sheer volume of the stuff. However, this morning she took the skillz to a whole new level. Dustin was up getting ready for work and getting her all swaddled when, "hurk!" a geyser of spit up shot up into his face! He was a little surprised to say the least though suitably impressed with her range and distance! Perhaps we should start calling her "Old Faithful!"

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