Friday, March 23, 2007

Baby Times

My good friend Kris sent this onesie to me. Ah..The Cure. I discovered them in high school and their songs are forever intwined with a million different memories, both good and bad. To this day, they are one of my favorites and one of the few that I'd pay the concert fees for. I started thinking about how when Ruby gets to the point where she starts having a music preference, Robert Smith and crew will be really old or dead. How strange. I guess that's how my mom felt when I was jumping around in my room listening to her Beatles and her hundreds of 45's of the Kingston Trio and the Searchers. Of course, by the time Ruby gets to that point, CDs will most likely be obsolete much less my Cure cassette tapes. Oh lord, I feel old already. So, my dad and step-mom came for a visit and it was great fun! They did lots of baby holding, admiring and also helped with laundry and even made me food. Dad discovered the joys of Tivo and watched every episode of Law&Order we had stored up. We visited some goats (including one named Ruby) and also saw one of my cousins that I haven't seen since I was 13. All in all a really nice visit. Ruby is getting so big! I mean, she is TINY compared to the other babies but to me, she's BIG. She's really becoming so aware of things and stares at her mobile very intently. She's such a sweet little baby and so agreeable! Dustin and I are still marveling at her every move. I've been singing to her a lot in English and Spanish and showing her books and pictures. It's just fun to see her changing every single day. She really loves her daddy and stares at him intently, even giving him a smile! Let me tell you....her smiles are little treasures. Fleeting but just like little rays of sunshine. Cliche yes but oh so true. Other than that, I've been pretty busy just trying to keep the house from being completely destroyed and doing my little "mommy" activities i.e. getting out of the house once a day and seeking grown ups so I don't forget how to hold a conversation. I am also freaking out because I am starting to think about what will happen when I go back to work on May 5th. Sigh...I have interviewed a few places and just didn't get the impression that I would be able to entrust her to their care. One woman twice grabbed her child by the arm. The other place smelled like cigarrette smoke. The other two I was warned against by some other moms. The one person I know I would trust doesn't do part-time and charges $1000 a month. Quite reasonable considering but since I don't need full-time, the thought of it hurts. I am just hoping that I will find some kind of share or way to swap care with some of the other moms I know. Here's hoping! Well, stay tuned for her 8 week check up next week! xoxox

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