Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2 Months!

I can hardly believe that Ruby is 2 months old as of tomorrow. Wow! It has just flown by! She is really changing every second. Her smiles are more frequent as are her awake times. She is fascinated by the mobile and, as it turns out, loves Weezer (thanks to dad). Who knew? She seems to recognize certain little songs that I sing to her and is starting to coo. Lucky for us (or me rather) she seems to have figured out the whole day/night thing too. Her feeding is pretty regularly every 2-3 hours during the day and then every 4-5 at night. This makes the mom very very happy! We just got back from her 2 month check up and she is all healthy and on target. She's now 9.10 lbs and 22 inches long which puts her in the 20th percentile for weight and 40th for length. Yup, she's a petite little thing but her cheeks are chubby and she's got little rolls on her legs which we love to see! She also got her shots today and oh...how sad was that!? But it's better than the whooping cough or polio so I just keep telling her that. She seems to be ok now...just having a nap to get over the offense of being stuck with 3 needles. It's been super fun getting to know all of her little playmates as well. She's been hanging with Cecilia, Hank, Blix, Otto and Marcos and she's going to be meeting her cousin Jack this weekend when we go to Boise. This also means the first meeting of Auntie Amy and Grandma Grace. Hooray!! Of course, she'll also be having her first flight this weekend as well. So many firsts! And so many more to come! Stay tuned.....

Monday, March 26, 2007

Mother of Inventions

There are billions of products out there for babies and parents all, presumably, to make things easier, more efficient and healthier for them. However, having been pregnant and now having an infant, there are several things that I *wish* I had. Below is a list of things that I want. I have no inventor skills so if you do and want to run with these ideas, feel free. I just ask that you pay off my house with your millions.
  • Pregnant Lady Suspenders - these would attach to your bra and your pants, thereby keeping your bra down and your pants UP.
  • Car Seat Wheels - when you don't want to haul out the stroller, wheels pop out of the car seat and allow you to push it along.
  • Burp Rag Clips - I never have one of these when I need one or it falls on the floor. This way, you can attach it to your clothes and it's always there when you need it. Also won't fall off of your shoulder while burping.
  • Stain Resistant & Waterproof Nursing Clothes - need I explain more? It would cut down on laundry for sure as well as those oh-so-attractive spit up stains.
  • New Breast Pump Controls- Breast pumps should be equipped with buttons and controls that you can operate with your feet. I thought maybe a remote would be cool except that would always be out of reach so it's gotta be foot controls.

Ok, that's it for now. I am sure I'll think of more. I am just planting seeds here. Someone out there can do this, no?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Baby Times

My good friend Kris sent this onesie to me. Ah..The Cure. I discovered them in high school and their songs are forever intwined with a million different memories, both good and bad. To this day, they are one of my favorites and one of the few that I'd pay the concert fees for. I started thinking about how when Ruby gets to the point where she starts having a music preference, Robert Smith and crew will be really old or dead. How strange. I guess that's how my mom felt when I was jumping around in my room listening to her Beatles and her hundreds of 45's of the Kingston Trio and the Searchers. Of course, by the time Ruby gets to that point, CDs will most likely be obsolete much less my Cure cassette tapes. Oh lord, I feel old already. So, my dad and step-mom came for a visit and it was great fun! They did lots of baby holding, admiring and also helped with laundry and even made me food. Dad discovered the joys of Tivo and watched every episode of Law&Order we had stored up. We visited some goats (including one named Ruby) and also saw one of my cousins that I haven't seen since I was 13. All in all a really nice visit. Ruby is getting so big! I mean, she is TINY compared to the other babies but to me, she's BIG. She's really becoming so aware of things and stares at her mobile very intently. She's such a sweet little baby and so agreeable! Dustin and I are still marveling at her every move. I've been singing to her a lot in English and Spanish and showing her books and pictures. It's just fun to see her changing every single day. She really loves her daddy and stares at him intently, even giving him a smile! Let me tell you....her smiles are little treasures. Fleeting but just like little rays of sunshine. Cliche yes but oh so true. Other than that, I've been pretty busy just trying to keep the house from being completely destroyed and doing my little "mommy" activities i.e. getting out of the house once a day and seeking grown ups so I don't forget how to hold a conversation. I am also freaking out because I am starting to think about what will happen when I go back to work on May 5th. Sigh...I have interviewed a few places and just didn't get the impression that I would be able to entrust her to their care. One woman twice grabbed her child by the arm. The other place smelled like cigarrette smoke. The other two I was warned against by some other moms. The one person I know I would trust doesn't do part-time and charges $1000 a month. Quite reasonable considering but since I don't need full-time, the thought of it hurts. I am just hoping that I will find some kind of share or way to swap care with some of the other moms I know. Here's hoping! Well, stay tuned for her 8 week check up next week! xoxox

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mount Ruby

This baby is a puker -- she spits up all the time. Spit up eruptions can happen at any time - right after feeding, during feeding, hours after feeding...she'll spit up on her back, on her side, sitting up, on her belly, with the pacifier in, with it out..... My mom tells me I was the same way so I have resigned myself to the fact that she'll be this way for the next four and half months and am just trying to appreciate her mad skillz of being able to dodge the bib and burp rag (no matter how strategically placed) and get my shirt, pants, pillow or whatever cloth object is around. Not to mention the sheer volume of the stuff. However, this morning she took the skillz to a whole new level. Dustin was up getting ready for work and getting her all swaddled when, "hurk!" a geyser of spit up shot up into his face! He was a little surprised to say the least though suitably impressed with her range and distance! Perhaps we should start calling her "Old Faithful!"

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Thanks Great-Aunt Shirley!

What a wonderful quilt you made! Meow!! We all LOVE it!!

Who's Ready to Party?

Ruby that's who! Here she is all dressed up and off to her first birthday party. (And how cute is the sweater made by Grandma Grace?!?) Our friend Garak turned one last Saturday and Ruby was there to help him celebrate! I have already noticed she is getting bigger -- her little feet look fatter to me and she fits into her car seat better. I am guessing she's around 8 pounds by now. She's looking around a lot more and I catch her looking at bright colored things. I am just awaiting her first real smile!

Next week, Grandpa Gary and Grandma Rita are going to visit from Idaho, so that should be lots of fun! More soon!

Friday, March 2, 2007

She Already Knows How to Rock

We caught her doing this during a nap! Rock Baby! Ruby is just growing by leaps and bounds. I weighed her on Wednesday at the First Weeks meeting and she was just over 8 pounds with her clothes on. Wow! She's also holding up her head a lot more and looking around -- she's very strong! Also, today I got my "Moby Wrap" in the mail and I am already seeing that it's a total lifesaver. This is a big long piece of fabric that you strategically wrap around you creating a nice little cocoon for the little one to lay in. The best part is she is all cozy next to me and I still have my hands free! I guess I have no more excuses for not folding laundry!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ruby Goes to the Movies

Ruby saw her first movie! We met our friends Sarah & Cecilia (4 months) and went to see one of the Mommy Movies that they have especially for moms at a theater in Bellevue. It was us and about 6 other ladies with babies. Ruby's first movie was "Bridge to Terabithia" based on the book by Katherine Paterson. Ruby snacked and slept through the whole thing. Anyway, if you loved the book, you will enjoy the movie -- it was very true to the book and the child actors were great and not at all obnoxious (no Dakota Fanning or Haley Joel Osment creepy types). In fact, the little one that played Maybelle reminded me a lot of Sienna... If you haven't read the book, read it first and then go to the movie. That way you'll be prepared with your tissues - it's a tearjerker! Poor Ruby had a tear-sopped head by the end of it. She just found out her mom is a sap! After the movie, we had lunch, walked around the mall for a bit, had a coffee and a cookie and then headed home. We made a pit stop at my library for a few minutes which was fun but weird because it's all new people! Crazy! After that, the girl was SO tired. She slept for 6 hours and then another 5 before I had to wake her up to eat. It was a big day but lots of fun!